Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself:  Injury prevention and Proper Engagement Workshop

Wondering why your shoulder keeps hurting, or is it your back? Chances are you are either over/under-engaging and you’re not preparing your muscles enough before training. In this workshop we will discuss exactly how to prevent these injuries and use your muscles properly.


Bottoms Up (and how to keep it there): Inversion Workshop

We all have things we’re working on to make inverting a little bit easier. Whether it’s from the ground, in the air, with bent arms or straight. This is the workshop you’ve been waiting for.


Contortion: Bend it, don’t break it.
Contortion is a challenging yet rewarding discipline; it requires many hours of strengthening and stretching. This 90 minute workshop will go over everything you need to get started on your contortion journey.

Prerequisite: Anyone, regardless of flexibility, can take this workshop.
Ages 16 and up



 Sling: Twists and Twirls

This hammock workshop will dive deep into the fluid movements, creative pathways, and interesting shapes. Playing with things you may be familiar from paths you may not be. Come prepared to condition your brain to see how to Twist your way in and twirl your way out.

Prerequisite: unassisted pullover , inverts in the air . Ages 16 and up


Static Trapeze: Raise the bar

Kicking it up a notch with spins, twirls, and rolls. This 90 minute workshop will cover some cool tricks and interesting transition between the ropes and bar.

Prerequisite: Be able to invert in  the air.
Ages 16 and up.


Handbalancing: lines and shapes

This all levels workshop starts with finding you handstand line (you know that thing coaches talk about that will make it all easier?). Once we can find that we will discover fun and interesting shapes and learn how to move in and out of them.

Prerequisite : hold a 1 minute plank . Kick up to handstand on the wall


Silks Explorers

In this class we will go to the moon and back, exploring the silks in ways that may seem familiar, but will have new and interesting twists. We will discover pathways that didn't seem possible and work through longer sequences that will help build stamina and touch on different theory.

Prerequisite: inverts in the air, hip key from the air


Hammock Discoveries: 

This hammock workshop will explore the fluid movements, unique mounts, creative pathways, and interesting shapes. Playing with things you may be familiar from paths you may not be. Come prepared to discover fun ways in and out of the hammock.

Prerequisites: unassisted pullover, inverts in the air